One of the very First (the 2nd infact) NFT projects to launch on the Flare Network. Building Utility, Value, Rewards, an FTSO and Community to provide to the Flare Ecosystem.

NFT Collections

Launching 2 NFT collections, the Genesis Flare Wizards and the Flare Knights. These assets are an invenvestment into the project, supporting in its the future and allowing you to earn through airdrops, rewards and more.

Liquidity pool and $MANA Token

The Flare Wizards Liquidity pool, allowing holders to be rewarded through holding onto their assets, and also creating a more stable liquidity and value in the project. $MANA token will be tradable for native $FLR tokens, aswell as have utility and governance functionality.


The Flare Wizards Project will be launching Flare Time Series Oracles onto both the Flare and Songbird Networks, utilising the project to create an FTSO that provides to the ecosystem and competes with other top signal providers.


Holders of assets gain many oppertunities to earn rewards. Wizard holders get airdropped 1:1 Knights when they drop holders of both collections also get airdrops to $MANA tokens, aswell as many oppertunities every week to frequent giveways. Rewards will also be earned through delegating to the Flare Wizard FTSOs.

As strong supporters of the Flare and Songbird Networks, we want to be able to provide to the ecosystem and also create a thriving community for people to get to know more about Flare, learn, be apart of a welcoming community and feel as strongly about Flare as we do!

Join the Community

Please join our contantly growing community and join in on the fun and disscussion, and never miss out on any annoucements or updates and the many frequent giveaways and events.

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Flare is a unique and very powerful network, with technologies such as the State Connector allowing communications to other networks. And Flare Time Series Oracles allowing decentralised prices for other Crypto Curruncies through F-Assets. These qualities are what make Flare the best choice for Projects to build on!

Our Decentralised Application

Go over to our Decentralised App website where you can connect your wallet and mint an NFT, view your assets and use the utility.

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